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Updated Parent and Carer School Feedback Survey

Dear Parents and Carers,


We have discovered that many of you have not received our email survey, instead it has been going to junk/spam folders. After much research and time, we believe we have found a solution for more of you to give your feedback. We realise and appreciate at this point that some of the questions in the survey may not apply to your child, however, we kindly request you complete the survey as best as possible at this point so we can gather as many views, judgements and more so, full picture of our school. We will make the necessary improvements to the survey for the end of year one we will be publishing.


As we know you are extremely busy, we appreciate the time taken to complete the survey. We value your say in helping us improve the education of your child/children. Please find the survey link here: Parent and Carer School Feedback Survey


This will help us to:


  • Find out what we are doing well and where we could do better
  • Decide which areas to prioritise when developing our school improvement plan
  • Make sure we are meeting the needs of you and your children


The survey is 100% anonymous so please be honest with your answers.


Your feedback is very important to us.


Yours faithfully,

Ms. M. King