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Head's Performance Management Committee

1. Focus Summary

The main functions of this Committee is to deal with all pay and performance matters relating to the Head teacher and to implement the approved pay policy in respect of the Head teacher’s pay.

2. Membership

a) The membership of the Committee shall be three Trustees and one/two named reserve(s) in order of precedence if two, who shall act if a member of the Committee is unable to attend a meeting.

b) No Trustee employed to work at the School shall be appointed to this Committee.

c) Members of the Committee and the named reserve(s) shall be appointed annually at the summer term meeting of the Board of Trustees.

d) One of those appointed to the Committee shall be appointed as chair of the Committee EITHER by the Board of Trustees OR by the Committee.

e) Should a vacancy arise on the Committee a successor shall be appointed by the Board of Trustees at its next meeting following receipt of the resignation and members so appointed shall serve until the next annual review.

f) The Board of Trustees shall appoint the Clerk who shall not be the Head teacher. 

3. Quorum

The quorum shall be all three members of the Committee.  A named reserve shall take the place of any member of the Committee who is unable to attend a meeting.

4. Meetings

a) The Committee shall meet as and when necessary to fulfil its responsibilities.

b) Meetings shall be called by the Clerk of the Committee or and, wherever possible, seven days’ written notice should be given to members with an explanation of the purpose of the meeting.

5. Proceedings

a) The Committee shall be conducted in accordance with the School Funding Agreement and Articles of Association and be compliant with DFE requirements, Company and Charity Law.

b) Minutes shall be kept of each meeting and shall be circulated to all members of the Committee before being signed by the chair.  A report shall also be submitted to the next meeting of the Board of Trustees.

c) The minutes shall be kept in a separate minute book.

Terms of Reference


To operate in accordance with statutory performance management framework and the School’s adopted policy as follows:

• to select an external adviser (in all Schools from September 2007 a School Improvement Partner (SIP)) and to take their advice when agreeing objectives and reviewing the Head teacher’s performance.

• to agree performance objectives with the Head teacher.

• to conduct the Head teacher’s performance review.

• to determine whether the outcome of the Head teacher’s performance review meets the criteria for pay progression as covered under the adopted pay policy.