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Motor Vehicle

Motor Vehicle - IMI Level 2 Light Vehicle Maintenance & Repair Principles

Who is the course suitable for?

For boys & girls from the age of 16 years and above that have a keen interest in how cars work and how to fix them when they go wrong.  The skills you will learn will help you to become more employable in the motor trade whether that be full time or an apprentice.

Do girls actually do this course?

Yes! We actively encourage girls to apply and those that have previously done it often say they loved it and often return for the next level.   

What are the entry requirements?

No previous experience is necessary although you will need to have a good school reference and have achieved at least 3’s in your English & Maths GCSE’s.  You will also need to attend an interview with the course tutor.   You will continue to take Maths & English lessons if you fail to achieve at least a grade 4 in these subjects. 

What will I be doing on the course?

The course has a mix of practical & theory lessons which is generally split equally.  Three of the topics covered are: Engines, Brakes & Electrics, plus others.  There will be a multiple choice online test at the end of each unit and practical assessments.

What qualification will I get?

When you have successfully passed all assessments you will leave with an ‘IMI Level 2 Diploma in Light Vehicle Maintenance and Repair’

What can I do after?

Upon successful completion of the level 2 you will be able to apply for level 3 or an apprenticeship.  If you pass this then you will be classed as a fully qualified vehicle technician allowing you to work unsupervised on customer vehicles.   

How long does the course last?

Each level lasts for approximately 39 weeks and is usually 3 days per week.  (Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays) You are encouraged to try and get a job in a garage on the 2 days you are not in college although this is not compulsory. 

What equipment do I need?

All tools are provided and there are a variety of different cars for you to work on.  You will need to provide steel toe capped boots and a pair of overalls plus a basic stationary kit – pen, pencil, calculator etc. 

Further details can be found by emailing the course tutor Mr. Price at