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Idsall School

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Year 8 Group Information

Mr Alistair Baldwin is the Learning Manager for Year 8.  Based in the Key Stage 3 office, he deals with more serious behavioural issues and academic progress referred to him by tutors and teaching staff.

Mrs Lynn is the Student Support Manager for Years 7 to 9.  Based in the Key Stage 3 office, she deals with all major issues regarding the education and welfare of students.  She may contact parents about issues concerning their child. These may be referred to her by tutors and teaching staff or the Learning Manager.

Mr Bourton (Headteacher) is the Senior Management Team link for Year 8.  Mr Baldwin will discuss any pastoral concerns with him if necessary.


In the first instance it is the tutor (or sometimes Mrs Lynn) who will be the first point of contact for parents.  Please phone the main school office (01952 468400).  If they are unable to speak to you straight away, you will usually receive a reply within 48 hours.   Here is a list of Year 8 tutor groups and their respective tutors:

8AAO - Miss Oldnall - Room L2
8LWT – Miss Willetts - Room T13
8LCK – Miss Clarke - Room S7
8LPG – Mr Goodison-  Room L4
8ALE – Miss Lewis - Room E3
8LWB– Mrs Bright & Mrs Dillon (Wed) - Room M6
8AMP – Mr Crump - Room T14
8AAV – Mrs Valentine & Mrs Rubery (Mon) Room H8

Tutor Weekly Routine

Monday - Uniform and Equipment Check
Tuesday - Assembly
Wednesday - Quiet Reading
Thursday - Numeracy Booklets
Friday - Quiz

Key Dates

Listed here are any important dates for parents and students' diaries.

Event Provisional Date
Tutor Review 13th September 2017 (provisional)
Tutor Review 16th January 2018 (provisional)
Year 8 Girls HPV Vaccinations 28th February 2018
Year 8 Parents Evening 19th April 2018
Tutor Review 23rd April 2018 (provisional)
Exemplary Behaviour Activity 5th - 6th July 2018

Year 8 have their assembly on Tuesday mornings in the Main Hall.  Students should go directly to assembly at 8.50am instead of their usual tutor room. Punctuality is as important on assembly days as it is at daily registration.

Year Group Letters to Parents

Copies of recent year group letters sent to parents usually via pupil post, can also be downloaded from our Letters to Parents page.

House Information

When students join Idsall School in Year 7 and the Sixth Form they are placed into 1 of 4 Houses – Long Mynd, Caradoc, Ragleth and Wrekin and remain in the same House throughout their school life.  Placing students in Houses enables inter-school competition at all levels as well as creating a sense of belonging.   Here is a list of Year 8 tutor groups and their respective houses:

8AAC - Caradoc
8ACG - Ragleth
8ADV - Longmynd
8AEV - Wrekin
8LCA - Ragleth
8LPO - Wrekin
8LPH - Longmynd
8LRW - Caradoc